Costa Rica Taxes

Costa Rica Taxes

Bizlo Real Estate Business Law has been preparing tax returns for US citizens and green card holders who work in CR for many years, which means that we have the experience and expertise you need. Our law firm has offices in Nosara and San Jose, and we help US citizens with Costa Rica taxes. US citizens and green card holders are lawfully required to process a US tax return every year, even if they already pay taxes in the country they currently reside in.  

If you would like to learn more about Costa Rica taxes for US citizens, or if you would like to schedule a free over the phone or Skype consultation, Bizlo Real Estate Business Law would be happy to talk to you. Feel free to contact us at any time at the following phone number. We kindly ask that you consider any potential time zone differences that might exist between us. If we miss your call, we will get back to you immediately.

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Now, we would like to provide you with a brief tax guide for Americans in Costa Rica. Please keep this guide handy for your own reference, or call us for more details.

US Expat Taxes Services

When Bizlo Real Estate Business Law provides tax assistance for US ex-pats in Costa Rica, we find innovative ways to optimize our clients' tax returns, helping them to avail all of the possible exclusions and deductions. We know all of the best tips, tricks, and loopholes that are perfectly legal and ethical, and we will help you use the existing tax laws to your advantage.  

Additionally, as your Costa Rica tax lawyer, your attorney will help you avoid any errors that could result in fines and penalties. Rather than doing your own tax returns, which can result in these types of costly errors, why not let someone do it who is an expert in tax law in Costa Rica!? Our prices are fair and affordable. Contact us today to learn more.

Costa Rica Income Tax for Wages

If you are employed in Costa Rica, then you already pay a monthly withholding tax based on your salary. Costa Rica utilizes a progressive tax of 15% on monthly income, which is simple and straight-forward:

Taxable Mo. Income | Tax Rate

CRC 0 - 619,000 | No tax

CRC 619,000 - 929,000 | 10% tax

Over CRC 929,000 | 15% tax   

Tax Table for Lucrative Activities

Lucrative activities are taxed between 0% and 25%

Taxable Mo. Income | Tax Rate

CRC 0 - 2,747,000 | No tax

CRC 2,747,000 - 4,102,000 | 10%

CRC 4,102,000 - 6, 843,000 | 15%

CRC 6,843,000 - 13,713,000 | 20%

Over CRC 13,713,000 | 25%

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If you need help with Costa Rica taxes, contact Bizlo Real Estate Business Law today. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at how cheap it is to get a Costa Rica tax expert on your side. There's no reason to do your own taxes when we can do them for you.


Costa Rica Taxes
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