With offices in San José and Nosara, as well as memberships to regional and global networks, our resources are not limited to any one region. This is local knowledge with global reach. Our package of solutions allows you to forget about the learning curve. Whether is trademark registration or other IP work, escrow solutions, legal work, trust, litigation, dealing with bitcoin, governance, etc…No matter what or where your issue is, we have the tools necessary to get the job done.

Death and taxes. Our experts are trained in US and CR taxation to deliver the best of both worlds. The interaction between both jurisdictions comes with great responsibility and a degree of opportunity. Why not take advantage of it?

This is an ever changing arena. Residency work requires a highly specialized professional. Knowing which type of residency to apply for is crucial and can mean all the difference of getting approved, or being in process for months or years in some cases. Let Bizlo help you, seriously. We can also set up those bank accounts, coordinate shipping of your stuff if you are relocating, etc…

This is the only way to budget risk in Costa Rica. We have an incredible provider whom will provide you with paperwork in English, fill out your documentation for you all at the same cost. Once we’ve established what needs to be covered – we get it insured. Period.

In this sense, we are in the business of certainty, solving problems and creating opportunity. We are resourceful. We can provide local, regional, and international law services in a wide range of public and private sectors. Our provider for legal services is Central Law. A firm with more than 25 years in the legal market in experts in all fields of the law.

Many firms may offer the same services but we are here. We live in your neighborhood and understand your reality, the dust, the sunsets, the tuk tuks, and ultimately, your needs.

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